Boy's Can Wear Pink 5

I can't believe we're on the 5th season of Boy's Can Wear Pink! When it started, this kiddo was only 2!
Although I've only ever photographed Jude for this series, Gavin also wears pink and you can catch some of his outfits out on my Instagram.

My motto with my kids has been, "if you like it, we can make it!" and Jude tends to have quite a lot of pink/purple/floral designs in his wardrobe. I've been holding onto this Dinosaur print from TKB Prints for a while now and it was one Jude chose for this series. He chose a few other prints, but due to life going crazy, it's the only one I got finished in time. LOL

I used the Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads (seriously my go to for this kiddo's wardrobe!). Then I used my Cricut Maker to make the iron-on design.
 Jude especially loves that machine!

My kids have told all their classmates that I make their clothes and I've now had to tell them that I'm going to have to cap the amount of birthday parties they attend! I think half of Zoe's class now owns a piece of clothing I've made for birthday presents! It's really made me proud of how much my kids love my sewing!

Here's the last 4 years outfits for Boy's Can Wear Pink!

I really hope to see you next year!

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