My Unicorn by Riley Blake Designs

I have been so excited for this line to come out from Riley Blake Designs! It's called My Unicorn by Kelly Panacci and it's just magical! I'm in love with the colors and that Navy floral print is my absolute favorite!

I knew my girls would just adore this line, so I had to make a quilt. I finally settled on Happy Squares Throw that is in Cricut Design Space. I'm telling you! That machine has been life changing to my quilting life! I did get a bit more fabric than required to make this into a twin size quilt rather than a throw. I then added the second border with all the navy prints around. The final quilt is 90" by 68".

I chose the 1/4" black and white stripe as the bias trim and I cut that into 2" wide strips so I'd have a chunkier bias. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the white and black stripe and you'll be seeing a lot of it on my finished quilts.

And since we're on that subject!
This picture is right before I took this quilt to the quilt shop because I wasn't sure if they would get it finished in time. The woman they have doing the quilting is AMAZING. She had it finished in 2 days, so I had plenty of time to finish the binding and get pictures. That makes this quilt officially the first finished quilt of mine this year!
(We don't need to mention the 5 other quilt tops I need to finish......shhhhh……)

When I first laid all the pieces out I had all the colors in random order. It wasn't feeling right, so I figured why not lay them out more like a rainbow? I really love the effect and think it was the perfect choice!

I did learn a few tricks from the last quilt I made, and instead of making long strips to sew together, I made this up into squares and then sewed each giant square together, that then turned into strips, but not so many long and skinny ones! With my other quilt you can see I wasn't able to get some parts to line up well (just take my word for it!!), which is driving me crazy! So this quilt I changed that up so I was able to do a better job at getting all the points to match up.

I'm absolutely in love with this quilt, which I know I'm saying about every quilt I'm making, but seriously! Magical Unicorns and gorgeous florals and gradient rainbow??? All finished with STRIPES! What is there NOT to love? 

And on that note! This line is already in stores, so what are you waiting for?!!

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