Back to School Tour 2019 Day 3

We're already half way through the week! My kids have been loving their teachers and classes so far and I've been able to get a bit of cleaning done and hoping to get to sewing more this week! Our summer was far more jam-packed and crazy than it ever has been before and I didn't get to sew nearly as much as I was hoping to. I've been looking forward to getting back to it!
How was your summer? Did you get to sew as much as you hoped?

Lets get to today's looks! Our Chez Nous  made this adorable lemon outfit and it's making me miss summer a bit already!

It's Liesel  made outfits for both of her daughters! Those leggings look so comfy and fun and it's clear with the ice creams, we're all having a hard time giving up summer!

Don't forget to check out all the other bloggers on tour and enter the giveaway!

2 yards from Mimi's Custom Fabric
10% off all patterns from DIBY Club with code: B2Sblogtour (expires Aug 25, 2019)
2 patterns of choice from DIBY Club (bundles excluded)
 2 patterns of choice from Rad Patterns
2 patterns of choice from Paisley Roots
1 pattern of choice from Sisboom
1 pattern of choice from Little Lizard King
1 pattern of choice from Titchy Threads
1 pattern of choice from New Horizons Designs
1 pattern of choice from Modkid

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