Suit Up For Summer 2020 Raspberry Creek Fabrics Day 2

It's day 2 of the Suit Up For Summer Blog Tour and we have another amazing line up!
Is this your first year making swimsuits? Or maybe you've struggled and have questions about sewing with swim? Today I'm answering some questions and giving my advice on sewing swimsuits.
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I'm starting off with my make, the Titchy Threads Cloud 9 Tank from Raspberry Creek Fabrics Shark Print. Jude has LOVED sharks for a few years now and been begging me for a "shark" swimsuit. Sadly this does not live up to his expectations of a full one piece body suit with a shark fin hood....but he still loves it! My boys have to always have a rashguard. I guess it makes sense since I've almost always had them wear undershirts too..

I saw that someone was asking about Raspberry Creeks swim fabric and how it is to sew it. I probably should do a video with it to try and show but I'll do my best with writing.
First, I LOVE the weight of RCF swim. It's heavier than the swim I've gotten from places like Joanns and a few other places. It's also more a matte texture, so it's not as slippery which makes it easier to work with.

If this is your first time working with swim, I would suggest starting with a rashguard! Mostly because I feel that if you have already started making clothes, more than likely you've already made a typical t-shirt so you have a good idea on how the project is supposed to come together. And knowing those steps is helpful.

I also suggest to use clips rather than pins. If you have a dull pin it could snag the knit and create a hole, and you do not want that in your swimsuit!

For thread...I use regular run of the mill thread that I usually buy at Walmart, but wooly nylon is recommended most for swimsuits to help with not breaking down in chlorine. You will also want swim elastic for that same reason. I bought a huge thing of 1/4" Swim Elastic from Wawak. This is the 7th year of me making my kids swimsuits so it was one of the best purchases I've done! I think I bought it about 3ish years ago and I've made over 40 swimsuits and still have a good chunk of elastic to go. Seriously best decision.

I also see a lot of questions on lining your swimsuits. For me, I ALWAYS line our suits. I didn't the first year we made them and that was a big mistake. I've never had an issue with RCF swim because it is thicker, but I still line it. Other swimsuits I've made, the fabric turned out to be quite see-through when wet...luckily my girls were still so young that it wasn't a huge horrifyingly thing that scarred them for life.
Also, we have the issue of major camel toe when there's not that second layer in the bottom area....
So just line your suit. I usually line the whole thing (not rashguards unless it's acting in place of a swim top) but you can just line the panty area and that helps a lot.
My girls are all also starting to get buds and slightly farther along than buds, so lining helps in that area as well.

As for boys swim shorts. I don't line those. If they were super short like the 80's style swim shorts that are coming back into style, I would line those with a type of pantyliner undies style attached so bits and bobs stay put and don't fling out. But with the longer ones it's never been an issue for my boys. There was also the problem with bits getting tangled in mesh liners, so I've kind of avoided them altogether. Just so you're aware of some things with mesh lining with boys swim shorts.

As for how to stitch a swimsuit on your machine...
Some make their swimsuits completely on their sergers. If you have one, go for it! It does a wonderful job. You don't have to do anything special with changing anything so it's nice to just sit and go.
If you are making it on your sewing machine use either your knit stitch, or a small zig-zag stitch so that you give the garment that extra stretch. Since swimsuits have negative ease to stay on while you swim, you really want it to be able to stretch and not have the thread break!

For finishes on your suit. There are a couple different kinds. First, some people may have a coverstitch machine which gives the garment a really fun finish.
Personally I mostly use either a Double Needle that I put on my regular machine, or I use a small zig-zag. For this top I used a zig-zag all around the neck and armbands and along the hem.
It mostly depends on personal preference, or laziness for not wanting to switch out needles...Both are professional finishes, so it just really comes down to preference.

So that's it on my tips for sewing swim. I hope you find the info helpful and really, if you have any questions, ask away and I'll make sure to answer them this week!

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And don't forget to keep an eye out on our giveaway coming this weekend!

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