2020 Recap

Collage of 2020 events

2020. I know we all have a lot to say with this very crazy year. Ours started off with sickness. From Dec-March, we had at least one child with a cold, flu, or strep throat (miss Paisley mostly). Once covid "panic" hit and school didn't go back in though, we've been mostly sickness free! A lot of things changed for us in 2020, but in the same breath...a lot stayed the same. So, here's to 2020!

Crazy man pretending to be statue

One of the big things I got to do this year was go and visit my brother at his house for the first time. I mean, he's only lived away from us for over a decade. I went with my sisters at the end of January, which was our first girls trip just the three of us since...well...the first!

Me, my brother, and my sister in law walking in downtown Portland.

State Hotel Graffiti

Me, my sister, and my sister in law at Multnomah Falls

Maltnomah Falls

I got to meet one of my sewing buddies in real life for the first time too! We met on Baby Center when I was preggo with Jude and we had all started a crafty sub group in there, which at some point we moved over to Facebook. You can find her over at Cottington's So Crafty.

Me and my friend at Maltnomah Falls
Me and my friend

Aevarie had her first birthday party. 
Hey, I have 5 kiddo's and we had birthday parties for Gavin, but then once other kiddo's started showing up it became soooo much that we just started doing low-key birthdays, so this was a pretty big deal.
Can you guess which one Aevs is? hehehe

And that's my dad-eo in the back!

Aevs and her friends at her birthday party

We had a main water pipe burst, and with the help from our amazing neighbors was able to get it fixed, although the driveway is a completely other issue....

Water leak break being repaired.

Gavin changing a tire.
family movie night outside.
family movie night outside.

The girls did a few "Google Eyes News" broadcasts, but the enthusiasm petered out as quickly as the sticky tape gave way and eyeballs fell off. It was fun while it lasted!

This year had a lot of new things and it was very different. My parents got covid in June, and watching them going through that was horrific. I've kind of been prepping myself for when my dad dies. He's 75 and has had cancer for almost 18 years. We were really worried covid would be the thing to push his stubborn body over the limit, but that's not the case. He didn't survive covid unscathed, but he did survive. With my mum though....that was different. She's 58 and seeing her that unbelievably sick was absolutely devastating. Her symptoms were much worse with covid than my dad and for one week in there we really were on edge thinking she was going to die at any moment. I was in constant communication with my sisters and having my mums vitals be checked, writing them down and we had a nurse on speed dial. She's still dealing with long hauler issues. So after that we really became hermits. My kids are hombodies already and a few years ago when we moved, and moved, and moved, it was good practice for this time. They have their little tiffs with each other here and there, but really, they've just gotten on with things. Aevs and Zoe have really jumped on drawing as much as possible and Jude made some new online friends through their online school. They are ALL absolutely loving sleeping in. They've all been homeschooled before, so that wasn't a hard transition. I mean, we tried distance learning at first and that was ridiculously hard and resulted in a LOT of tears and sometimes a lot of laughter (mostly tears). But then I changed them all to be on the same program I've had Gavin on for the last 5 years and even though they didn't start that until October and had to start from the very beginning, they're all caught up, so that's all good.

One of the biggest changes this year was that I got a job. It's an at home job, which is perfect. Corey, the hubs, was also transferred to another location with his job. Luckily it was only 35 minute drive away, so we didn't have to move. Gavin is also filling out all the paperwork to start college in April. Nothing makes you feel older than your first child prepping for college. Okay fine, I'm sure there are a TON of things that make you feel old, but man. It's bizarre that I got married at 18 and he will be 18 this year.....I'm just not ready for it.

As far as how we've been, I mean really, 2020 hasn't even been close to the worst year for me. I did have some PTSD episodes that hit and I had to take a step back from Cricut and Riley Blake Designs, and that was hard, but I'm getting energy back everyday. We've been so incredibly blessed that this hasn't been a bad year for us. Different, but the worst was seeing my mum sick and luckily we haven't lost anyone. Oh, and we have had appliances die. My sewing machine is on the fritz, which is one reason my sewing stopped quite suddenly. My camera is also on it's last little shutter days, then ALL of our cars died this year. We bought my sisters car off her when she flew off to England (yep. Crazy girl moved to another country during a pandemic. Don't worry though, we have LOADS of family over there.) so it's been weird being back to a one vehicle family.

Quilts and Dresses of 2020

So what did I make this year? The sewing projects are pretty light this year. 4 out of 5 of my kids have decided to become mega picky with clothes and haven't been interested in any patterns beyond tee's and shorts and all but 2 have decided they're no longer models. I still have one kiddo that's totally gung ho on all the dresses and photo shoots, so I at least haven't lost them all!

I made: 
8 quilts
6 dresses
5 shirts
1 skirt
2 shorts
2 coats
1 overalls
1 pair of pants
17 swimsuits
70+ masks

I also made a knit shorts pattern that I should get up in the shop here soon, and I've been working on patterns for Sweet Red Poppy. The Madeline Dress is in testing right now, so that's crazy exciting! And luckily it's a knit dress so I've been able to use my serger and haven't had to rely on my sewing machine.

Coats, Swimsuits, and mask makes of 2020

Here's goodbye to 2020 and hoping that 2021 will be a much happier and far less crazy year!

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