A Birthday Fling

It's been quite a while! Right when covid hit, my kids had kind of gone on a kick that they wanted more store bought clothes, rather than mum made. I know this happens to a majority of us in the sewing community, but I still wasn't quite ready for it. You throw in full time homeschooling 5 kiddo's and starting a job, my creativity just took a nose dive. 
I'm still trying to find a balance with it, but starting to come to grips with the fact that, that reality may still be a ways off. 
What has changed is that my kids have kind of missed having custom clothes that fit the way they want, so requests for this Christmas is quite handmade heavy. It's given me enough of a push to get some of my creativity going again. It's taking me longer than it used to to make something, but I am very happy to sew more for them again.

So first up is a Birthday Fling Hoodie Dress! It was Paisley's birthday recently and all my girls are really into the oversized, comfy hoodies and this new pattern from Madeit Patterns fit that bill perfectly!
I made Paisley the size Shortbread. I did go up one size from her measurements, but on track with her height. If she is anything like her sister, this year we will probably see some record growth (Aevs grew 5" between 12-13!) and I wanted to make sure it lasted at least half this year. LOL

I did deviate from the pattern and Paisley wanted bunny ears, so I adjusted the hood and made some really long ridiculous ears. 

Paisley's a happy customer.

The fabric is crazy snuggly and we love the little details of this pattern, from the pleats in the sleeves, to the lovely giant pocket, to the split seam, and hi-low hem. 

The pattern is really easy to follow and put together. Which is good, because I have 3 more requested. LOL

Paisley also requested a new rainbow scrunchie. That thing on her ankle? This kiddo has a million hair bands on her wrist at all times and she's had a rainbow scrunchie that she's had on her ankle for a few years now. She said it was getting tight and it was very worn, so a new one was in order. 
Her ankle measurement was 8" wide, so I cut:
1- 3" by 18" piece of rainbow fabric
1- 8" piece of 1/4" elastic
I followed Sweet Red Poppy's Scrunchie instructions and used the bow pattern for the bow on it.

I know I'll always want to sew and create, but it definitely makes it more fun to have my kids be involved and love what I make them too!
I'll make sure to share all my Christmas makes on here so I'll see you soon!

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