Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Today I'm kicking off the Small Fry Skinny Jeans tour!
I had made Laura's free size 2 pattern and they turned out darling, so I was so stoked when the tester call came up for more sizing!
I tested the size 12 that you can see in my PR&P look. Gavin has been begging me to make him a pair of shorts, so this was the perfect excuse to make them during the winter....with the snow....and freezing rain.
The weather wasn't too bad while we took pictures, and Gavin insisted that he wasn't cold, but I was still freezing. Boys are so tough.

Gavin is just slightly obsessed with cars and wants to be a race car driver when he grows up (my fingers are crossed he changes his mind) so he demanded that I embroider a car on his shorts. I have also been demanded to make a shirt with a flaming tire applique on it to match.
I can honestly say sewing that car took longer than actually constructing the shorts. 
The fit is fantastic too. I love that the rise in the back is higher, so no "peek-a-boo's" of little bums or undies when they bend over.

I just realized that this kind of looks like him peeing on the tree.....SWEAR to you, none of that took place, but, if the need ever arises, these shorts come with a 100% genuine zipper so he totally could. Only on campouts in the woods though. Not in parks.
If zippers aren't your thing, this pattern gives the option of a half fly. It still gives the look of all that work, without having to actually do it!
I also love the pocket options. For these shorts I made the regular pockets, but in the jeans I made earlier, I used the patch pockets.
I've enjoyed making different designs on the back pockets too.

I really can't say enough good things about this pattern. The finished product looks very professional. Works and looks amazing for boys and girls, and Laura just added a new feature so you can print off just one size! You can also still print all sizes nested together (perfect if you have lots of kids like me and need to trace a bunch!).
You should now go and check out Rebekah Sews and Handmade by Brienne to see their amazing pairs. Then head on over to Titchy Threads and use the code TOUR20 for 20% off the pattern for the duration of the tour (March 20th)!

Thank you so much Laura for having me!!

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  1. Laura's patterns are amazing, this is no exception and your shorts look just amazing. I love that colour... and yeah... boys...

  2. They look great Karly! I love the extra details you added.

  3. ha! it totally does look like he's peeing against the tree :P I like the details on the back pockets--very professional :)

  4. Hahaha I wouldn't have thought about him peeing on a tree until you pointed it out! Lol..

    I love the colour of these, my boys would love the car you put on there. Awesome job!

  5. I love these Karly! Great colour, great back pocket details and great embroidery skills! Is there anything you can't do? Thanks for joining the pattern tour today!

  6. Ooh, I love the topstitching on the back - very modern. Nice work!

  7. I was laughing so hard at the peeing comment. I didn't think that but now that's all I see :)
    The shorts are so great. They look totally professional.

  8. I love these! The colour is so nice.

  9. It really is a great pattern and I love your version.

  10. These are awesome and I really like the applique!


  11. Karly, you certainly sewed a WINNING pair of shorts for Gavin! I love the length and the aqua color is FAB... with the embroidered race car on one lower leg. I'm following the SKINNY JEANS Pattern Tour. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  12. I love these. They are really cute. I am glad I found your article.MachineEmbroidery


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