Make Laundry Don't Do Laundry Pre-tour

We're on day 3 of our pre-tour and I'm sharing Gracious Threads Starfish Shorts today!

Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry is a blog tour where we urge you to make clothes instead of wash them. Making them is far more exciting and well, that pile isn't going anywhere. We'll have a link up, so you can sew along and there are some awesome prize packages. This week CassyJeanine, and I have been highlighting each of the designers to show off some fun outfits you can make instead of braving that laundry room. The tour officially kicks off on the 6th with a pretty incredible line-up of bloggers, so come link up and enjoy a week of making laundry!

Really, these are the perfect quick shorts to make for summer. I could have easily made a whole seasons worth of shorts out of this pattern with-in the time frame of my wash and dry cycle. I made this pair in this crazy busy print I bought from Joanns. In retrospect I should have made the side pockets black so you could actually see them. LOL But as long as the kid still can use them (he's not my bug collector) it's all good!

This child is obviously starting to pick up Zoe's modelling tips. Total cheekiness.

I'm really so stoked for this tour to start on Monday. Again, here's the rundown: Official tour starts June 6th. There will be a link up to sew along and prize packages to be won. This is also the week where you get to use the excuse that you're making laundry rather than doing it! Total win!
Don't forget to check out Cassy and Jeanine's looks for today!


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