Make Laundry Don't Do Laundry Pre-tour

We're to the mid-week! Today I'm highlighting Peek-a-boo Patterns Shop, and what better way to do that then use one of her patterns along with her fabric?? 
Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry is a blog tour where we urge you to make clothes instead of wash them. Making them is far more exciting and well, that pile isn't going anywhere. We'll have a link up, so you can sew along and there are some awesome prize packages. This week CassyJeanine, and I have been highlighting each of the designers to show off some fun outfits you can make instead of braving that laundry room. The tour officially kicks off on the 6th with a pretty incredible line-up of bloggers, so come link up and enjoy a week of making laundry!

My very first pattern test was Amy's Alpine Wonderland Puffy Coat. I've tested a handful of her patterns and you can catch pictures of my kids in some of the listings.
I chose to make her Pockets Full Of Posies Dress for today's post. I love the lines and fun colorblock detail. This dress is just fun and works perfectly with scraps.

I, of course, chose to make it with Amy's own fabric design, Once Upon A Time. I've used this print in a hoodie and a t-shirt and I have enough left that I'm pretty sure I could squeeze a tank top out of it too! 

Her fabric is amazing and I've made Jude an outfit out of her Ice Cream Parlor print (PERFECT for summer!) and Aevs a hoodie from her Tornado print (which is no longer available). I'm so excited to try her swim fabric. I seriously sing the Polka-dot Bikini song whenever I look at that yellow polka-dot. We're going to have some fun with those prints!
I love her designs and she has some adorable ones for back to school and Halloween that just came out.

As you can tell, this child loves her dress. The dress took me about an hour to make. Still plenty of time from my wash and dry cycle. I think the hardest part in making clothing is choosing the fabric, really, and with this dress you can have so much fun deciding on what to mix and match, THAT may make it a not-so-fast-sew.....

Make sure to check out Cassy and Jeanine's posts for today! I can't wait for the tour to start on Monday!


  1. Love this! I just got my 1st fabric that Amy designed and can't wait to use it too!

  2. The Pockets Full pattern links to a bathing suit instead of the dress, not sure if it was meant to do that.

    1. It wasn't! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention! I fixed it. :D


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