2019 Recap

I'm always surprised at how quickly each year goes by. I'm also really surprised at how much I blogged this year. I didn't feel like I blogged a lot, but then going through all the pictures, I certainly did make a lot more than I thought!

At the beginning of 2019 I had a few goals.
First was to really focus on my own wardrobe (total fail!).
The second was to focus on making quilts for each of my kids, which was kind of a success. I did finish quite a few quilt tops, but I still need to get them quilted this upcoming year. So, although I'm really stoked I got the quilt tops done, I cannot wait to finish them and get to the snuggling part!
Another goal was to try and focus on working on patterns and also make enough to start having booths at our local fairs. Those were both fails. It wasn't just one thing that attributed to this, but a lot of little things. My kids are blooming here and one of the hardest hurdles has been trying to figure out how to not sit like a vegetable whenever I'm home and have the time to work on those things. LOL
The burnout has been real dudes.

I know it seems like I made a lot of clothing for my kids, but it's been weird when 95% of my kids wardrobes are me-made, and for two of them that's gone to 5% me-made and 95% store bought because grandma loves shopping.....
Too, my kids have a LOT of hand-me-downs, so this year nothing beyond strike off's or pattern tests or blog tour were made. That is not the norm at all!
I did make an insane amount of swimsuits....about 3 for each kid....but when you're in water pretty much every.single.day, you kind of need a good variety of swimsuits. Which also went into why I didn't make many clothes too. We really only have two seasons here, hot and coolish, so there's not as many layers or heavy coats, etc that need to be made. My kids are still wearing shorts a good chunk of the days!

This year came with it's challenges too and frankly, I will not miss 2019. We had some family stuff happen in 2018 that followed us into 2019 and I feel like I literally hit a brick wall. It was a lot of health issues with my dad having a heart attack and my father in law being diagnosed with Leukemia, along with a few other emotional things, and mentally I struggled. A lot. 
I've had some growing pains with relationships that definitely need to be worked on and figured out still.
I think the fact that my oldest is painfully close to being an adult and I have a really long bucket list of things I wanted to show him and teach him still. It's just really hit me this year and I know as soon as he turns 18 he's not just going to disappear, but it's still a really scary thing and one I am in no way prepared to face. I guess I thought we'd have more of our crap together by now and I feel like we've only JUST hit "adult" status. LOL Maybe that's a thing of starting our family off so young?
There's also a lot of past childhood trauma that came up this year and I've realized that I really need to work through it. As a kid I always thought that once we escaped from our situation everything would be okay. I had never heard of PTSD and didn't realize how much it could effect me as an adult. I've had really bad experiences with therapists as a kid, so it's always kept me wary of going, but I can't be scared of that anymore.
 So I am my top priority for 2020.
With being so down, I've noticed I've become really unhealthy. That's one of my other main goals for this coming year. Personally I don't care much about the number of my weight, but I want to be healthy. I want to be able to handle going on hikes and being able to run a good distance without dying within a block. I also really need to work on meals. I love to cook, but there's a lot of mental blocks going on that I hate going into the kitchen. It's one of those things that once I get started, I'm loving it, but it's the getting in there and things pulled out and getting started....it's just a lot of steps.

Now that I've gone all depressing, here's some things I know about 2020.
It's going to be my oldests last year of being a kid, which means no matter what, it's going to be an amazing year.
My husband is looking into going back to college to finish a degree, which will be amazing in the end, but challenging while in the thick of it. It's going to be a year that I am more than likely going to start homeschooling again. So with both of those, that means it's going to be a crazy year.
It's going to be a year of adventures and exploring, trying new things and growing as a family.
Although I'd love to say that my patterns will be a big focus, I know my health takes priority.
There is one pattern that I have promised a friend and that one WILL be coming out sometime in 2020, and another one that I'm hoping to update and add a few sizes to (because another promise to another friend), but for patterns, that's really it and it's something I'm good with. I'll have plenty of time to jump into that with both feet running. This year is just not that year.
And although I'm saying that patterns wont be my main focus this year, I will still be sewing! I love it and it's something I always want to be doing.

I have really loved working with so many of my favorite sewing people and companies this past year and hope that that continues! So of course I have to give a shoutout to everyone!

Riley Blake Designs has always been so kind to mean and I really love all the relationships I have to everyone there. I can't wait to share more projects from their fabrics this coming year.

Michael Miller Fabrics has been awesome to work with and I can't wait to see what the new Ambassadors bring out this coming year. I still have a couple projects to share and I hope another opportunity opens up to work with them in the future.

Raspberry Creek Fabrics - not only did I get to throw a swim tour with their amazing swim prints, but I also have 5 prints in their shop!! I will be sharing my makes from them this coming year. I just love them though! You can see them here: Heathered Fleece Sweatshirt Knit. Note: I do get a portion of sales, which is really cool!

Art Gallery Fabrics - I got to host a blog tour and also make a handful of items to go into their Polka-dot line lookbook. I always love working with them and their yummy fabric!

Cricut - Guys, I love this machine. I use it so often and I'm looking forward to my posts this next year. They're an amazing company to work with.

One Thimble - It's always a pleasure working with them and I am so excited they're back!

Sash Fabrics - I'm still admin and although it's been pretty quiet this year, I can't wait to see what Jackie has up her sleeve for the coming year.

Mimi's Custom Fabrics - Malea is local to me and I've loved seeing her business take off! I've been loving sewing up strike off's for her and meet up here and there.

Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics - I am still on their strike off team and although I took the last couple rounds off, I'm excited to get back into the swing of things with them.

Sofilantjes - I love their patterns and have been loving coming up with some fun hacks on their patterns. I cannot wait for my next post which I'm going to be doing one of my favorite hacks on my absolute favorite pattern of theirs. Any guesses on which one that is??

Petit a Petit - Celina is one of those people that I just smile whenever I see her work. I loved being part of her Turnip Trousers and  Up Beet Tee testing!

Sew Chibi - Her designs are amazing and we share a love of Anime and all things Kawaii. I loved testing her Ichigo Jacket (named after a pretty awesome anime series) and she's another that always makes me smile when I see her things.

And a giant thank you to Kim Coffin of Sweet Red Poppy for giving me some amazing opportunities this year. She's an incredible person and totally my sewing and blogging goals.

Happy New Year's everyone! Here's to an amazing year and start of a new decade!
Thinking of it, a 20's swing dress should really be my first project for 2020....

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