Michael Miller - Glam Stardust Cosmetic Zip Pouches

My daughters are all at the age that they are getting into make-up and my oldest daughter has started getting Ipsy Bags. She loves the little bags that come with it each month, but they aren't quite big enough to hold much, so she requested some more in custom sizes. I knew Michael Millers Hi-Density Metallic Stardust line would be perfect for make up bags!

Polka-dot chair Cosmetic Zip Pouch Pattern is a great pattern for this because it's very easy to change the sizing to be exactly what you want.
I chose 5 colors of the Metallic Stardust: 
I used about 1/2 a yard of Saturn and I got 1/4th of a yard of the others. You will have left over fabric.
I saw the Geometric Tree Paper Foundation Pattern by Center Street Quilts and thought it would be great for a Holiday bag. I made the 6" by 6" size and then cut some 2.5" strips of the Saturn and sewed them to each side to make a 8.25" square. 
The pattern has some leather strips that are optional. I put some on for the bigger bag, but omitted them for the smaller one.
The leather is Cricut Soft Metallic Leather in Rose Gold.
You will also want two pieces of 8.25" squares of batting and a 9" zipper for the bigger size.

For the smaller bag I used the Herringbone Tree Paper Foundation Pattern is the 6" by 6" size and just cut 6" squares for the backing and lining pieces. I also cut two - 6" square pieces of batting and used a 7" zipper for the smaller one.

These are definitely coming in handy for all the new make-up that kiddo is getting for Christmas!
How was your Christmas? Are you all ready for the New Years??

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