Suit Up For Summer Blog Tour 2021: Day 5

It's the final day of the Suit Up For Summer Blog tour with Raspberry Creek Fabrics!
It never ceases to amaze me how fast this week always goes by!
You can always find all the links to every single blogger at the bottom of each of my posts.

The fabric we used today is the Palm Leaf Floral paired with Solid Dusty Olive Green

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Zoe had to have a Sanibel by Little Lizard King, just like Paisley.
This time we went with a reversible top and the gathered side panels.

As I said earlier, I did make this top reversible, unlike Paisley's. 
I didn't take pics but I can give a quick run down of how to make it reversible. If you are a visual person like me, I am so sorry! I'll work on making this a tutorial with pictures as soon as I can, because I love it and I use it on swim often. Like our Solis swim tops from previous tour years.

STEP 1: Take main front and main back right sides together. Sew along both arm seams and neck seam.
Repeat with back pieces.

STEP 2: Pull right sides out on one. Keep the other inside out. (Which side that is turned right side out or left doesn't make a difference.) Keeping an eye on the prints, place the one inside the other with the correct prints facing each other (floral against floral, solid against solid.) Pull the straps from the one inside, through the one that is inside out until raw edges align. Sew along the shoulder seam. Repeat with other shoulder seam. 
Pull right side out.

STEP 3: Lay both front and back flat. Pull floral front bottom edge up and over the back so the right sides are facing. Make sure to take the lining (solid) out of the way. Align the bottoms of both front and back and sew along the edge.
Repeat with the lining.

Step 4: Pull main floral side right side out. Place inside the solid with right sides facing each other. Align the raw edges of one side and sew shut.
Align the raw edges of the other side. Start sewing, but leave a 2" opening in the middle. Make sure top and bottom get sewn.
Pull suit right side out through the hole.

 STEP 5: Hand stitch the hole closed.

I really should have added cups to this suit. Live and learn! When adding cups on something reversible you would just add a layer of swim lining to sandwich between the two fabrics after you've sewn the cups to it. Make sure the cups you choose don't have padding added to them (get ones like these ones from Amazon) and are just basic cups so they can be reversible. It wont work the same way with padded cups at all and will make for quite a hilarious story otherwise!

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