Art Gallery Boscage Feral Essence Tan

Today I'm sharing the Feral Essence Tan print from Art Gallery Fabrics newest line: Boscage by Katarina Roccella.

Full disclosure, I LOVE Katarina! she is such a wonderful person and I love every single one of her lines. Her colors and art style just makes my heart sing and this new line is no different.
Some prints are in Cotton Poplin, Knit, Rayon, and Canvas.

Wandering Leopards Sea  :  Shifting Fronds  :  Palm Paradise

Art Gallery's rayon is amazing. It's so light and although still a bit tricky to work with, is much easier than other rayons. I chose the Feral Essence Tan Rayon for the Marco Button Up.
I am 6' tall and this pattern is amazing for customizing lengths easily. I used brass snaps instead of buttons. I made the size Medium with the 28.5" sleeve length. 

We are in the 110's Fahrenheit the last few weeks and even though this is a long sleeve shirt, it's been so lovely to wear in the heat. The rayon is really so nice and light.

I couldn't resist making a dress out of the Feral Essence Tan Knit!
I made Chalk & Notch's Pony Tank & Dress size 16.

Art Gallery's knit is always wonderful to work with and I love the weight. It's lighter weight so the drape is amazing. 

I'm really quite glad that my kids are all getting to those ages that they aren't growing out of everything every other minute and more into the range where I can share clothes with them!
Boscage is out in stores now. What would you make from this line?

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