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It's summer time! I love the heat, never feeling like I can get warm enough and I love the little summer fashions! Art Gallery just came out with a new line called Sunburst that is filled with so many amazing summer prints! I'm showing off their knits in this collection and the prints could not be more perfect!


We'll start with Zoe's outfit. The adorable lemon print is Art Gallery Strawberry Lemonade in Knit. I adore these little pink lemons! They're very summery and fun.
The top is Sew Much Ado Seafarer Top. It's a great staple pattern and is a quick sew!

If you've never sewn with Art Gallery knit before, here's some info. It is really a perfect weight for shirts and dresses and skirts. I absolutely love the weight of it! You can make many things with their knits, including quilts! I made a quilted coat out of their solids a few months ago and it's one of my absolute favorite things I've made!
I also use it pretty regularly for pants. My kids love the weight of it. My kids aren't hard on their clothes though and there have been many items that have gone through all 5 of my kids. If you have a kid that is really rough on them, I would not recommend this weight for pants.
I've never had issues with any of their prints color running and the shrinkage has always been very nominal. If you're just beginning to sew, ALWAYS prewash your fabrics for clothing! They always shrink some and it's best to have that happen before you take all the time to make a garment, then make the garment and have it come out too small after washing!
With 5 kids, our clothing is rarely sorted (if I do it, it's sorted by colors, but they all pretty much do their own laundry now and they do not sort!) and it's thrown in the dryer at high. I am not saying you should do this, only saying it because I've personally have never had an issue with any of the garments I've made out of Art Gallery knit bleeding, and I've not had issues of it shrinking after that first initial wash. Personally, Art Gallery is literally my favorite knit! 

Zoe is fully into adult clothing now. It's been a strange transition having most of my kids in adult sizing and the two remaining in the top ends of kids patterns. I am loving that they're all inching their way closer to my sizing too which has me so excited! I don't normally sew for myself that often because I have been making almost all their clothes, so it will be fun to get to wear some of these items myself soon! 

Zoe is a collector of rocks (one of the reasons she lost pocket privileges) and as you can see, still LOVES collecting rocks. Every single one of those rocks came home with us. 

The pants are out of Art Gallery Warm Wave Solid Knit. Zoe loves them because they are so light and airy, which is perfect when the weather is hot.

I used the True Bias Hudson Pants, which is a wonderful staple pattern. They have both kids and adult sizes, so it's been a staple for us since they came out in 2015. I really can't believe it's been that long! We have so many little Hudson pants!

I had to include this pic because I love the way this child laughs. She has the sweetest little laugh and always goes to covering her mouth when she is really laughing.

Next up is this adorable sundress in Art Gallery Fun in the Sun Warm!
This print is so adorable! I am very jealous of all these sunbathers on the beach!
The pattern is Chalk & Notch Mini Marcel. Paisley is kind of inbetween adult and tween/kid patterns. Her height has her squarely in adults, so I do have to lengthen everything and ended up lengthening this dress by a couple inches.

This knit really made the perfect sundress! I love the drape and miss Paisley loves how soft the fabric is.

I did have to strip this child of all her hair band bracelets and ankle bracelets. She still got away with one of them, but she literally has one arm almost up to her elbow covered in them on the daily!
Her little headband is from our favorite, Fish Kiss Knot Headband. I think every outfit needs a coordinating knot headband to with it. I'll have to photograph our entire collection of them at some poin!

These little sunbathers are seriously so perfect! I just want to hop into the print and join them!
What would you make from this line??

Sunburst is out in stores now and you can find the lookbook to more projects made in this line over at Art Gallery Fabrics!

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